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Our passion for mushrooms runs as deep as the mycelium network beneath the forest floor!

In recent years, the cultivation of mushrooms for both culinary and medicinal purposes has exploded in popularity. Here at Fungi Growers, we're committed to providing the best mushroom-growing products this side of the forest floor. So whether you're a seasoned mycologist or budding home grower. . . We've got you covered like a thick layer of mycelium.


Denver, CO

"Wow, great packaging, quick delivery, and fast growth!"
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Headquartered in the beautiful Ozark Mountains and surrounded by over 1,000,000 acres of National Forrest, State Parks, and Conservation Areas, many raised in the Ozarks become avid foragers and amateur mycologists.  A Mecca of mushroom lovers!  This collective knowledge and passion for mycology is what drives our team.  Products that are thoughtfully designed, carefully handcrafted, free of defect or contaminates, and loved by our little fungi friends is what we offer.  

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Bismarck, MO


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